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All jewelry designs and images are copyrighted by John M. Clark, Goldsmith
14K Baby Lever Back Earrrings
29mm x 10mm
Price in Gold with Diamond: $180.00
Price in gold without stone: $110.00
Price in Silver with cz or Birthstone: $49.00
Price in Silver without stone: $42.00
14K 2-Diaomnd Pendant or Pin
32mm x 20mm
Diamonds # 1-1.8mm (.02ct). #2-2.1mm (.035ct)
Price in Gold: $220.00
Omega Slide in Gold: $267.00
14K One Diamond Lamppost
28mm x 24mm
Diamond: 2.3mm (.045ct)
Available as Lapel Pin, Pendant, Tie Tack , Charm or Omega Slide
Price in Gold: $200.00
Price in Sliver with cz or Birthstone: $63.00
14K Bride and Groom Pendant
22mm x 17mm
Available in white on yellow gold or yellow on white gold
Price in Gold: $259.00
14K 3-Dimensional Charm or Pendant
Large 26mm x 14mm
Small 16mm x 9mm
Price in Gold (Large): $239.00
Price in Gold (Small): $115.00
Price in Silver (Large): $89.00
Price in Silver (Small): $56.00
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